Maritime Metal Albums Of 2018

2018 seen at least 43 albums released by Maritime Metal bands and at least 6 more from NFLD bands. Here is the top 18 of 2018 in alphabetical order that stood out for me. I’ll list the remaining albums at the bottom of the page.

Update: Added Dischord, Death Valley Driver, Elevate The Virus, Aron Scott Earthquake, Path, Worst Part albums.

Chaotic Christ – Crusher
Death/Thrash from Halifax NS

Cusser – Self Titled
Grind/DBeat from Fredericton NB

Death Valley Driver – Wolf Crown
Stoner Metal from Charlottetown PEI

Dischord – Corruption of Innocence
Death/Thrash from Moncton NB

Doom Machine – The War Inside
Heavy/Doom from Annapolis Valley NS

Dumpster Mummy – Self Titled
Death Metal from Dartmouth NS

Hard Charger // Sights of War – Split 12” LP
Crust n Roll from Fredericton NB

Hitman – The Offering
Stoner Rock from Halifax NS

Hoarder – Slated for Termination
Grindcore from Halifax NS

Mindless Viscosity – Something Bad
Death Metal from Moncton NB

Monogost – Fool’s Gold EP
Female Fronted Heavy Metal from Moncton NB

Pagan Hellfire – At the Resting Depths Eternal
Black Metal from NS

Red Usurper – The Sphere of Time
Doom Metal from Saint John NB

Root Cellar – Camp Blood
Death/Grind from Halifax NS

Severance – Mask Of Colour
Death Metal from Halifax NS

Thrawsunblat – Great Brunswick Forest
Melodic/Folk Black Metal from Fredericton NB

Upon Ruins – Legacy of Desolation
Melodic Thrash from New Glasgow NS

Versifist – As a Shadow​.​.​.​I Shall Emerge
Black/Death Metal from Halifax NS

And to round out the rest of the list:

5 Dai Suspension – Party Squad
Aron Scott Earthquake – Rager
Diablo Strange – A Lesson Never Learned
Dissociation Model – C​(​Hope)
Elevate The Virus – Derelict
Ellorsith – Orbhàis
Ellorsith – Triumphant Nothingness
Glacial Skies – Spaced Out
Helm – Creeper
Here As Heroes – First To Fall
Monteith – Monteith Mania
Obscure Illusions – Self Titled
Orchid’s Curse / Deadgaard – Graveyard of the Gulf
Outlyrs – Self Titled
Path – 13th Chime
PLC – Endless Progress
Saggoth – Saggoths Bane (Ruler of all Humanz)
Sombre Mundus – MMXVIII Winter Rehearsal
Terminus – Myth
Thrawsunblat – Fires in Mist
Ulvesang – The Hunt
Universal Paladin – The Death Of Inquisition
Verses – Dump Eagles
Vorbkt – Remembrance
Worst Part – Heel

Albums from NFLD:

Allagash – Canadian Encounters
Glacier Frost – Sect of the Frostmoon
Most Likely Forever – S3V3N
Nuclear Eden – Self Titled
Oxygen Chapel – Pelagic Sentience
Positronic Brain – The Thrash of Khan

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