Album Review: Marc Durkee “Remain In Stasis”

Prog Metal is not something I’ve heard very much from the Maritimes. Which is better know for Extreme Metal or Stoner Rock. Here is Marc Durkee, from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and he has been at it for a while. With a handful of EP’s and LP’s out since 2013, he is a one man band with a vision. A dark and depressing sound that is accessible to Metal and Rock fans alike. “Remain In Stasis” is his first full length album and all tracks are performed, written, produced, and mixed by Marc. There is some great guitar work here, from heavy riffing in songs like the opening track “The Dark Dimension” and later in “A Great Distain” to the acoustic passages in “Not Without Sin” and “A Way To Escape”. Overall it’s a fairly mellow album with the heaviness spread out evenly throughout. You won’t hear any growling or screams here, as all the vocals are clean and more or less done very well for this style of music. The music and lyrics also come off sincere, as someone who isn’t a huge fan of this vocal style (I like my depression with a taste of black metal vocals) I came out of my first listen wanting to hear more. After a few plays “Remain In Stasis” really grew on me. I’m digging the guitar work and song arrangements throughout the album. Stand out tracks being “Redesign”, “Meteor” and “A Great Distain”.

Marc Durkee – Remain In Stasis will be out on January 18th 2019 and available for pre-order as of December 14th on BandcampiTunesAmazon

Check out the Music Video for “A Way To Escape” here:

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