Album Review: HELM “Creeper”

I missed this release when it came out in November 2018, so here it is. Creeper is a 5 track EP full of doom by Helm, from Fredericton NB. The opening track “Creeper” starts out with a short sample before kicking into some slow to mid pace doom. First thing that really sticks out is the drumming by Tom, the drumming thought the album is great, Tom knows how to keep it interesting in slower sections and speed it up when needed. I’m not sure exactly what the title of the second track is, looks Japanese to me. Coming in at nearly 8 minutes it slows down a bit more the the opener at times. One main complaint I have here is the vocals are a bit too low in the mix. I would have liked to hear them have the same weight as the guitar/bass and drums. I did really enjoy the guitar solo change up at the 5 minute point, speeding up the song with some speedy kick drumming and riffing. By the 3rd track “Speed Dragon” the pace really picks up and shows that Helm are not only about doom. They can rock it out with some dbeat sounding speed. Or as they seem to reference it as Doom Beat Scum. The 7 minute track ends with another sample with a lot of feedback. “Speed Dragon” is my favourite track of the EP. Next up is “Ritual” another mid paced rocker. Which is probably my feast favourite track on the EP. Last up is “Death Inhale” which starts off fast and slows it down then speeds up again in a whirlwind of a track. Again my main complaint throughout the album is the low mix of the vocals. I would really love to hear them better in the mix. The riffing and drumming here is great. Overall Creeper is a fantastic EP by Helm, I’m sure i’ll be listening to this for a while.

Check it out and buy it now on BandCamp.

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